Heathmere primary school header 6



Miss Emma Lewis - Headteacher
Miss Beatrice Durston - Deputy Headteacher 
Mrs Nana Kennedy - Assistant Headteacher leading on Inclusion and SENCO
Mr Rob Burton - Assistant Headteacher leading on Literacy
Mrs Alana Mitwali - Early Years Leader
Mrs Jess Harwood - KS1 Leader
Miss Amée Mooney - Y3/4 Leader
Miss Philippa Hay - Y5/6 Leader 
Mrs Agnieszka Lipinska - Maths Leader
Mrs Satie Roy - School Business Manager

Early Years 

Mrs Marie Earle - Nursery Teacher
Mrs Shula Antonio - Reception Teacher
Miss Vera Bediako - Reception Teacher
Miss Sarah Cooper - Nursery Nurse
Ms Zahra Mohamed - Nursery Nurse
Miss Maddie Hollowell - Teaching Assistant
Miss Shazia - Teaching Assistant
Mr Ryan - Teaching Assistant

Key Stage One 

Mrs Jess Harwood - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Etty Van der Merwe - Year 1 Teacher
Miss Ciara Finan - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Zahida Farrukh - Teaching Assistant
Ms Dil Agha - Teaching Assistant and Breakfast Club 
Miss Rosana Sadrodine - Teaching Assistant
Miss Samreen Shah - Teaching Assistant

Key Stage Two 

Mrs Josie McCreddie - Year 3 Teacher 
Mrs Jo Tofts - Year 3 Teacher
Miss Natasha Hollingworth- Year 4 Teacher
Miss Amée Mooney - Year 4 Teacher
Mr Billy Bartlett - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Rammeya De Mel - Year 5 Teacher 
Mrs Agnieszka Lipinska - Year 6 Teacher
Miss Philippa Hay - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Raseena Najim - Teaching Assistant 
Mr JJ Choomsang - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Urlene Adams - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Kiernan - Teaching Assistant
Miss Kysha - Teaching Assistant
Mr Denis Matovu -Teaching Assistant
Miss Maya Hersi - Teaching Assistant
Miss Carla Burdach - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Diana Twiselton - Teaching Assistant

Other teaching staff

Mrs Laura Dallimore - Art Teacher
Coach Sam - PE Coach - Coach Tao (Apprentice)
Miss Harriet Burke - Cover Teacher
Tim Pitt - Learning Mentor
Miss Mariam Omer - Reading Interventions
Mrs Aisha Sharaf - Reading Interventions
Mrs Sue Hadley - Breakfast Club and Lunchtime Team
Mrs Dot Goodall - Resources
Bismark and Nicolas- Lunchtime Team

Specialist Staff

Miss Orode - DT Specialist Teacher 
Mr T - Music Specialist Teacher
Dominic - Trumpet Teacher
Bismark - Tennis Coach 
Charlotte - Gymnastics and Dance Teacher

Learning and Family Support

Zarah Argel - Family Liaison Officer

Office, Administration and Premises 

Mrs Satie Roy - School Business Manager
Mrs Anita Scopes - Administrative Assistant 
Mrs Dot Goodall - Admin Support
Miss Hayley Hennessy - Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
Terry Platt - Premises Officer
Kelly, Mimi and Leona - Kitchen Staff