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At Heathmere, our maths vision is for children learn mathematical structures and apply them efficiently to fluency, problem solving and reasoning.

How maths is taught at Heathmere

  • Maths is taught based on the principles of ‘Teaching for Mastery’ where all children are expected to move through the curriculum at broadly the same pace
  • The curriculum should contain challenge for all throughout every lesson
  • We believe that all children should be challenged to think about maths at a greater depth to ensure that they understand and retain the concept behind the procedure
  • Staff take accountability for having excellent and ever developing subject knowledge

Maths Lessons

Each lesson should have a new Key Learning that builds on the previous lesson’s learning. Teacher-led discussions are interspersed with short pupil to pupil discussions.

  • Children listen to and reflect on each other’s mathematical ideas
  • All Big Pictures (big concepts taught over a period of lessons) and Key Learning (individual lessons) should be supported by a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to learning maths. Teachers and pupils should be able to flow between the three representations to show a deep understanding of concepts, investigate problems and make generalisations
  • The structure of the maths - rather than the strategy of ‘finding an answer’ - should be the focus of the learning to underpin a deep understanding. Representations should be used by both the teacher and children to explore, discuss and understand mathematical concepts
  • Important mathematical vocabulary should be shared during lessons and displayed/referred to throughout every lesson.
  • Teachers use the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics to plan their maths lessons

Maths Meetings

  • Maths Meetings are used to keep core skills from the maths curriculum simmering as they may not be used within lessons for several weeks. They are not used to introduce new learning or unpick skills that the children haven’t learnt in a lesson
  • Maths Meetings happen daily for 15 minutes
  • In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, the Mastering Early Number scheme is used for maths meetings.

Maths at Home

Parents can help their children by practising their mental maths skills. 

Nursery maths at home

Reception maths at home

Year 1 maths at home

Year 2 maths at home ​Year 3 maths at home

Year 4 maths at home

Year 5 maths at home

Year 6 maths at home